Saturday, May 29, 2010

Close to Home

                                    Gosha Rubchinskiy (left)

Its interesting to see things which are coming out of Russia at the moment, Gosha Rubchinskiy is definitely one of those things.
 His collections are inspired by and made especially for Russian youth growing up in post Perestroika Russia.
Myself hailing from this part of the world, Gosha's raw inspiration and imagery serves as a stark reminder to the
youth that i would probably have become had i not relocated from the USSR to the west.


               Interview with Gosha

                                        Gosha Rubchinskiy - Cycles and Seasons 2009

                                         Gosha Rubchinskiy - Evil Empire

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jefske said...

gosha is great
there is a feature on him in the latest ZOO magazine

you can get a copy at mag nation

nice post Yuli.