Friday, October 1, 2010

UnderCover - UnderMan Preview

                   The year is 20XX. The world, in which the souls of the people have been
                                       incapacitated by the forces of evil, is empty.
                                       UNDERMAN is born to restore these lost souls.
                                              The battle against sorrow wages on.
                                                       GEM MONSTER MASHRA

                                            Home: The underground city of Udoo
                                                           Weapon: Shra Stick
                                 Mashra uses the Shra Stick to steal the souls of people.

                                                  mineral monster PYRANOID

                                                      Home: 8th Goslar Star
                                                     Weapon: Infinity cutter
     A mineral monster whose left hand holds the infinity cutter, which removes people's minds.

                                                         #16 Underman transforms.
Caught up in the Label Niño phenomenon created by the Cosmo Creamer emanating from the Eraser Belt, 
                                                       he transforms into Underman.

                                                  #28 Certain doom for Underman!
Underman escapes the beam by a hair's breadth, but he is blown off his feet as an explosive roar and blinding light overwhelm him.
                                                    Underman is on the knife's edge!

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