Sunday, November 9, 2008

Only through visual interpretation....

The following images have been carefullly sequenced so that through a concentrated exposure to the visual cortex, the brain is stimulated and a rapid flow of theta brain waves is triggered, this flow increases ones awareness of the real reality,(not necessarily the one right in front of you, but the one thats around the corner of right in front of you) opening ones third eye and accelerating the understanding of a deep profound insight which the de-evolved majority has unknowingly lost.
in essence, it brings man back to that big question, that one question within themselves that drives them forwards and evolves their understanding of the reality in which they exist, and re-assuring that everything no matter how random it may be, like fact and fiction are indeed one and are biochemical signals that come from the same source, just like everything else in this universe...
viewing this will let you know that you are able to shape and send out the same biochemical signals to shape the realities and minds of others....this is where it gets fun.
keep it real with reality and reality will keep it real with you.

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