Friday, December 12, 2008

The anti-elitism visual compilation #2

First and foremost....a bombardment of imagery.

John Stezaker

A Hit of surrealism - Jacques Resch

Eric Lebon s/s 08

Thomas Bangalter

Topman Design s/s 09

Nobumasa Takahashi.

Nobumasa Takahashi is Artist/Illustrator.
Artist/Illustrator that conveys his artwork globally from his atelier“Ba-chan House”in Itabashi, Tokyo.
He is a fanatic of matiere that uses a technique called Mixed Media,
which utilizes various materials, and explores how paint mixes together and studies designs that become the subject in drawing a painting.
Utilizing matiere, he exhibits his unique concept at his one-man show every year, and makes the concept into a series of artwork.
An artist fond of representational painting, his concept can be perceived as “Western” in Japan and “Japanese” elsewhere,
thus creating a unique blend of both Japanese and Western concepts.


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